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Cover-page_2018_Sara Kijewski / Markus Freitag
Sara Kijewski / Markus Freitag
Journal article (2018)

Civil war and the formation of social trust in Kosovo: Posttraumatic growth or war-related distress?

Cover-page_2014_Maarten J. Voors / Erwin H. Bulte
Maarten J. Voors / Erwin H. Bulte
Journal article (2014)

Conflict and the evolution of institutions: Unbundling institutions at the local level in Burundi

Cover-page_2010_Anita Harris
Anita Harris
Journal article (2010)

Young People, Everyday Civic Life and the Limits of Social Cohesion

Cover-page_2015_Michael J. Brown / Marie-Joëlle Zahar
Michael J. Brown / Marie-Joëlle Zahar
Journal article (2015)

Social cohesion as peacebuilding in the Central African Republic and beyond

Cover-page_2015_Giacomo de Luca / Marijke Verpoorten
Giacomo de Luca / Marijke Verpoorten
Journal article (2015)

Civil war and political participation: Evidence from Uganda

Cover-page_2020_Scott Gates / Mogens K. Justesen
Scott Gates / Mogens K. Justesen
Journal article (2020)

Political trust, shocks, and accountability: Quasi-experimental evidence from a rebel attack

Cover-page_2018_Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.)
Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.)
Book (2018)

What Holds Asian Societies Together? Insights from the Social Cohesion Radar

Cover-page_2020_Aurel Croissant, Peter Walkenhorst (eds.)
Aurel Croissant, Peter Walkenhorst (eds.)
Book (2020)

Social Cohesion in Asia Historical Origins, Contemporary Shapes and Future Dynamics

Publication_2018_Peter Walkenhorst
Peter Walkenhorst
Policy paper (2018)

What holds Asian Societies together?

Publication_2019_Albino Kalolo / Jacob Mazalale / Anja Krumeich / Michelene Chenault
Albino Kalolo / Jacob Mazalale / Anja Krumeich / Michelene Chenault
Journal article (2019)

Social cohesion, social trust, social participation and sexual behaviors of adolescents in rural Tanzania