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Elisabeth King, Cyrus Samii & Birte Snilstveit
Journal article (2010)

Interventions to promote social cohesion in sub-Saharan Africa

Publication_2017_Arnim Langer, Frances Stewart, Kristien Smedts & Leila Demarest
Arnim Langer, Frances Stewart, Kristien Smedts & Leila Demarest
Journal article (2017)

Conceptualising and measuring social cohesion in Africa: Towards a perceptions-based index

Roslyn Arlin Mickelson and Mokubung Nkomo
Journal article (2012)

Integrated schooling, life course outcomes, and social cohesion in multiethnic democratic societies

Publication_2015_Javier Olivera
Javier Olivera
Journal article (2015)

Changes in inequality and generalized trust in Europe

Sean Richey
Journal article (2010)

The impact of corruption on social trust

Bo Rothstein and Eric M. Uslaner
Journal article (2005)

All for All: Equality, Corruption, and Social Trust

Publication_2017_David Schiefer & Jolanda van der Noll
David Schiefer & Jolanda van der Noll
Journal article (2017)

The essentials of social cohesion: A literature review

Loris Vergolini
Journal article (2011)

Social cohesion in Europe: How do the different dimensions of inequality affect social cohesion?

Publication_2022_Loesje Verhoeven & Jo Ritzen
Loesje Verhoeven & Jo Ritzen
Working paper (2022)

Globalisation increased trust in northern and western Europe between 2002 and 2018

Publication_2021_Jian Yang, Chaohua Dong & Yongjin Chen
Jian Yang, Chaohua Dong & Yongjin Chen
Journal article (2021)

Government’s economic performance fosters trust in government in China: Assessing the moderating effect of respect for authority