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Publication_2023_Triantafyllos Karatrantos and Ioannis Armakolas
Triantafyllos Karatrantos and Ioannis Armakolas
Policy paper (2023)

Transnational radicalisation dynamics and the role of diaspora communities for (de)radicalisation

Publication_2022_Stefan Beierl, Marina Dodlova
Stefan Beierl, Marina Dodlova
Journal article (2022)

Public Works Programmes and Cooperation for the Common Good: Evidence from Malawi

Louis Moustakas
Journal article (2023)

From Evangelical to Structural: A Typology of European Sport for Social Cohesion Programs

Kasper Vrolijk
Working paper (2022)

How does globalization affect social cohesion?

Publication_2019_Eric M. Uslaner
Eric M. Uslaner
Technical/Evaluation report (2019)

The Historical Roots of Well-Being and Social Cohesion

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
Technical/Evaluation report (2011)

Perspectives on global development 2012: Social cohesion in a shifting world

Publication_2011_Nathan Nunn and Leonard Wantchekon
Nathan Nunn and Leonard Wantchekon
Working paper (2011)

The slave trade and the origins of mistrust in Africa

Publication_2020_Tony Addison and Mina Baliamoune-Lutz
Tony Addison and Mina Baliamoune-Lutz
Journal article (2020)

Does aid stimulate foreign direct investment? The role of social cohesion

Bertelsmann Stiftung
Technical/Evaluation report (2023)

Social cohesion radar

Publication_2017_Bertelsmann Stiftung. (Ed.).
Bertelsmann Stiftung. (Ed.).
Book (2017)

What holds Asian societies together?: Insights from the Social Cohesion Radar