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Brewer, K.B., Oh, Hans and Sharma S
Journal article (2014)

“Crowding in” or “crowding out”? An examination of the impact of the welfare state on generalized social trust

N. Clark Capshaw
Journal article (2005)

The social cohesion role of the public sector

Publication_2006_Joseph Chan, Ho-Pong To & Elaine Chan
Joseph Chan, Ho-Pong To & Elaine Chan
Journal article (2006)

Reconsidering social cohesion: Developing a definition and analytical framework for empirical research

Georgi Dragolov, Zsófia S. Ignácz, Jan Lorenz, Jan Delhey, Klaus Boehnke & Kai Unzicker
Book (2016)

Macro-level causes and effects of social cohesion

Georgi Dragolov, Michael Koch, Mandi Larsen
Book (2018)

Macro-level Determinants and Consequences of Social Cohesion in Asia

William Easterly, Jozef Ritzen, Michael Woolcock
Journal article (2006)

Social cohesion, institutions, and growth

Publication_2012_Fischer, Justina A.V.
Fischer, Justina A.V.
Working paper (2012)

Globalisation and political trust

Andy Green, Jan Germen Janmaat
Book (2011)

Regimes of social cohesion: Societies and the crisis of globalisation

Andy Green and John Preston
Journal article (2011)

Education and social cohesion: Recentering the debate

Andy Green, John Preston, Jan Germen Janmaat
Book (2006)

Education, equality and social cohesion: A comparative analysis