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Publication_2021_Maty Konte and Gideon Ndubuisi
Maty Konte and Gideon Ndubuisi
Journal article (2021)

Financial constraint, trust, and export performances: Firm-level evidence from Africa

Tom van der Meer and Jochem Tolsma
Journal article (2014)

Ethnic diversity and its effects on social cohesion

Zahid Pervaiz and Amatul R. Chaudhary
Journal article (2015)

Social cohesion and economic growth: An empirical investigation

Publication_2017_Irene van Staveren & Zahid Pervaiz
Irene van Staveren & Zahid Pervaiz
Journal article (2017)

Is it ethnic fractionalization or social exclusion, which affects social cohesion?

Publication_2016_Muhammad Tariq Majeed
Muhammad Tariq Majeed
Journal article (2016)

Economic growth and social cohesion: Evidence from the organization of Islamic Conference Countries

Muhammad Nadeem, Mumtaz Anwar, Zahid Pervaiz
Journal article (2022)

The impact of political institutional quality on social cohesion: Evidence from worldwide perspective

Publication_2022_Dr.  Hakkı Onur Arıner
Dr. Hakkı Onur Arıner
Policy paper (2022)

Social Cohesion Roundtables: Contextualizing Social Cohesion for Different Sectors and Actors in the Refugee Response in Turkey

Publication_2022_Louis Moustakas / Denise Robrade
Louis Moustakas / Denise Robrade
Journal article (2022)

Sport for social cohesion: from scoping review to new research directions

Publication_2022_Moustakas, Louis
Moustakas, Louis
Journal article (2022)

Sport for Social Cohesion: Transferring from the Pitch to the Community?

Publication_2022_Yabibal M. Walle
Yabibal M. Walle
Working paper (2022)

Determinants of social cohesion: cross-country evidence