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Economic Development and Social Cohesion: How Economic Factors Contribute to Cohesive Societies

Key facts

10.11.2020 - 10.11.2020
1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik / German Development Institute (DIE)


The concept of social cohesion is still relatively new to the field of economics so that the respective strand of literature is relatively small. While there is some evidence for a positive relationship from social cohesion to sustainable economic growth, less is known about a potential feedback loop running from economic development to societal cohesiveness. Since it cannot be assumed that economic growth mechanically raises social cohesion, this session attempts to identify some channels and economic factors that contribute either to strengthening societal bonds or to undermining societal cohesiveness.


  • Frank Borge Wietzke (Institut Barcelona Estudis Internacionals): New Middle Classes, Jobs and Social Cohesion
  • Romina Boarini (OECD): Inclusive Growth and Social Cohesion
  • Marc Fleurbaey (Paris School of Economics): Economies for Better and More Cohesive Societies

Contact Information

Daniel Nowack / Gisela Kuhlmann
daniel.nowack@die-gdi.de / gisela.kuhlmann@die-gdi.de