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Social Cohesion in Forced Displacement Contexts

Key facts

09.11.2020 - 09.11.2020
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik / German Development Institute (DIE)


The majority of displaced persons are hosted by neighbouring low- and middle-income countries, which themselves tend to be economically and socially unstable. The hosting of displaced populations puts additional strains on already scarce resources and is often associated with social disruptions and tension. It is feared that current flows and levels of displacement, especially under conditions of concurrent economic and social crises in host countries and regions, undermines social cohesion.

What do we know about the impact of forced displacement on social cohesion, what are important factors to be considered, and what can be done to prevent social conflict and promote social cohesion?

•    Joanna de Berry (Worldbank & LSE)
•    Helidah Ogude (Worldbank)
•    Saime Özçürümez (Bilkent University)
•    Miresi Busana (GIZ Turkey)

Contact Information

Daniel Nowack / Gisela Kuhlmann
daniel.nowack@die-gdi.de / gisela.kuhlmann@die-gdi.de