Social Cohesion in Asia: What holds Asian Societies together?

Key facts

Bertelsmann Stiftung
Time Period
2004 - 2015
Geographical focus
South Asia
East Asia and Pacific
Type of data
Perception data
Main elements of social cohesion
Identity/feeling of belonging
Orientation towards the common good



This website presents the results of a comparative study on social cohesion in Asia in an interactive format. You can view the results in different ways and work with the data. The homepage displays an interactive map showing the strengths and weaknesses of social cohesion in 22 societies in South, Southeast and East Asia (SSEA). For detailed information on a specific society, you can select a county profile under “Choose Country”. Additional graphics are showing the determinants and outcomes of social cohesion in Asia.

The study was a project of the Bertelsmann Stiftung's Social Cohesion Radar (SCR). The SCR is a multidimensional measuring instrument that integrates different facets of cohesion, understood as the quality of social cooperation and togetherness in a territorially delimited community. 

The SCR is based on a broad set of indicators drawn from comparative international surveys and other data sources. It breaks down the concept of social cohesion into three domains — social relations, connectedness and focus on the common good. Each of these domains comprises three measurable dimensions: social networks, trust in people, acceptance of diversity, identification, trust in institutions, perception of fairness, solidarity and helpfulness, respect for social rules, and civic participation.


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