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Publication_2019_Suh Yoon Kang & Patrick Barron
Suh Yoon Kang & Patrick Barron
Technical/Evaluation report (2019)

A Review of the World Bank’s Experiences Using Conflict Filters and Peace Lenses

Publication_2013_Social Development Department, World Bank
Social Development Department, World Bank
Technical/Evaluation report (2013)

Designing Community-Driven Development Operations in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations

Publication_2015_World Bank Team
World Bank Team
Technical/Evaluation report (2015)

Guidance Note - Incorporating a Peace Lens into the NCDDP Program in the Philippines

Publication_2014_Fletcher D. Cox, Catherine R. Orsborn, and Timothy D. Sisk
Fletcher D. Cox, Catherine R. Orsborn, and Timothy D. Sisk
Policy paper (2014)

Religion, Peacebuilding, and Social Cohesion in Conflict-affected Countries

Publication_2021_Charlotte Fiedler / Christopher Rohles
Charlotte Fiedler / Christopher Rohles
Working paper (2021)

Social cohesion after armed conflict: a literature review

Publication_2020_Daniel Nowack / Sophia Schoderer
Daniel Nowack / Sophia Schoderer
Working paper (2020)

The role of values for social cohesion: Theoretical explication and empirical exploration

Publication_2020_Anastasia Steinbrunner
Anastasia Steinbrunner
Working paper (2020)

The Evolution of Corporate Citizenship: Value Enhancement through Fostering Social Capital and Cohesion

Publication_2012_Lisa Cameron / Manisha Shah
Lisa Cameron / Manisha Shah
Working paper (2012)

Can Mistargeting Destroy Social Capital and Stimulate Crime? Evidence from a Cash Transfer Program in Indonesia

Publication_2006_William Easterly / Jozef Ritzan / Michael Woolcock
William Easterly / Jozef Ritzan / Michael Woolcock
Working paper (2006)

Social cohesion, institutions, and growth

Publication_2015_Giles Greene / Shantini Paranjothy / Stephen R. Palmer
Giles Greene / Shantini Paranjothy / Stephen R. Palmer
Journal article (2015)

Resilience and vulnerability to the psychological harm from flooding: The role of social cohesion