Enhancing good governance in Liberia: An evidence-based policy paper SCORE Liberia wave two (2018)

Ilke Dagli Hustings / Ako Essan Emile (2018)

Key facts

Type of publication
Technical/Evaluation report
Elements of social cohesion
Other (Confidence in institutions)
Geographical focus
Main thematic areas
Conflict & peacebuilding
Political institutions & governance


SCORE Liberia 2018 assesses over 350 indicators to investigate social cohesion in the country, focusing on civic attitudes, intergroup relations, violence tendencies, gender dynamics as well as effectiveness and confidence in governmentinstitutions. Evidence presented in this policy brief is based on the advanced statistical analysis using a representative random sample of over 6200 people across Liberia as well as the governance assessment survey, which was based on expert scoring panels organised with over 180 governance experts2in 15 counties plus Monrovia. SCORE Liberia findings seek to improve the efficacy and impact of evidence-based public policy and development and reconciliation investments designed to sustain peace in the country. SCORE Liberia can help diagnose gaps and guide effective and tailored public policy and programming. This policy brief assesses multiple governance indicators and how they relate to each other, and explores evidence-based pathways to enhance good governance in Liberia.

Publication_2018_Ilke Dagli Hustings / Ako Essan Emile

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